Beijing Tour Reviews: A Wonderful 5-Day Trip to Explore Beijing Essence and Highlights

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This morning I received an email from Jerry, who have just had a wonderful trip to Beijing, and it was a greatly happy time to get along with him. They took our 5 days Beijing Highlights Tour.

He is very kind to have sent us some of their precious photos to share and enjoy. Hereunder is the original email and photos.

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Travel Advisor: Jenny Wong provided me with an excellent service. She set-up my whole tour itinerery that was tailored to my desire. She answered all my email promptly and provided me all the necessary information I needed to make an informed decision before I finalized my package.

Tour Guide: Our tour guide- Jenny was very knowlwedgeable about the places we visited. She was very courteous,very patient and very easy to get along with. Her effective command of the English language proved very valuable.

Meals: The meals were delicious and filled us up every time. The Peking duck dinner was exceptional.

Driver: The driver did an excellent job, as well. He was always on time if not early every time. He knows his way around and very courteous, too.

Commentsmore: Our whole Beijing tour experience was excellent. Everybody involved did an excellent job. I would highly recommend my friends planning to visit Beijing to check-out your website. There is only one thing I did not like. I have to be honest with you. The “free foot massage” was not really free and we felt pressured to buy their recommended medication. I am not disputing the effectiveness of their product but the whole set-up of getting a “free massage” was misleading. We did not buy their product because we felt we got set-up. Please don’t ruin your reputation and good service by including that as part of the tour. I suggest you offer it to your guests and give them the option to go there or not after explaining to them what will happen inside the clinic. This is my a point of view from the customer side. I hope you will take this into consideration. Thank you, Miss Jenny Wong.

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