Top Tailors in Beijing: real made-in-china brand

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You have to admit that you can’t live for even one day without buying any products made in China. Made in China is one the most recognizable labels in the world today due to the large manufacturing industry of rapidly developing China. So, now that you are in Beijing, capital city of China, why not custom a real “Made in China” stuff in China. In this thread, I will recommend the top tailor shops in Beijing.

Tailor-made Tuxedo in Beijing

Tailor-made Tuxedo in Beijing


Ruifuxiang has been kitting out Asian gentlemen since 1893. They specialise in traditional Chinese silk and tailoring services, and have made costumes for a variety of film and TV dramas. But if you’re shy of a Mao suit, their Western styles are also strongly recommended.

The price ranges from 700-1,800RMB with cashmere and wool sourced from all over China. At a push they can complete a suit within two days, but they recommend setting aside four days (with two fittings) in order to be suited to perfection.

Senli & Frye

Senli & Frye promise they can rustle up a bespoke suit in all manner of styles, whether you’re channeling Hedi Slimane or Savile Row. They promise absolute quality, as all the labour is solely down to the skilled digits of tailor Sen Li, who offers a full consultation to understand your style and body shape.

The folks behind Senli & Frye are strongly against outsourcing, and claim that most Beijing tailors will send your measurements to outside factories (so you won’t actually receive the bespoke service you had assumed you were getting).

Suits usually take ten days to complete, but they can also provide shipping services. They promise the very best quality materials, with imported 100 per cent wools from England, linen and linen blends from Italy, as well as wool and cashmere blend tweeds from Scotland.

Business suits and cashmere overcoats start at 3,000RMB; casual blazers retail for 1,600RMB, while they also provide traditional suiting for women.

Lisa Tailor

Lisa Tailor is a very popular joint for gents in the know, providing Western tailoring services at very affordable prices. A standard suit ranges from 800- 1,300RMB depending on the quality of the fabric.

They stock a full range, including plain and cashmere wool from Hong Kong, and they recommend that you always bring in samples so you can pick and choose a fabric to suit your style. They boast a 24-hour turnaround time, but suggest a week so you can have all the fittings your heart desires (and your shape requires).

Lane Crawford

Every March and October, Lane Crawford offers bespoke services from two of the world’s most renowned and luxurious upmarket brands. Expert tailors from the Armani Collezioni and Pal Zileri headquarters in Italy head over to Beijing to provide made-to-measure consultations.

These super-personalised services offer customers the opportunity to custom order according to their individual measurements and style preferences. Pricing is dependent on the fabric, the style and the cut chosen by each customer, but panache doesn’t come cheap and made-to-measure suits cost around 20,000RMB.

Da Xin Bu Dian

The smiley tailors at Da Xin Bu Dian have more than ten years of experience, and are a great port of call for low-cost suits. They’re incredibly helpful, but be warned, the tailors here speak absolutely no English.

You’re looking at around 600-800RMB for a lower-end suit, but for higher quality the price will be between 1,000 and 1,500RMB. You can either choose from their range of fabrics, or they’re more than happy for you to bring your own. They can execute Chinese and Western styles and are currently offering a 20 per cent discount on tailoring services.

Dave’s Custom Tailoring

Forbes magazine voted Dave’s one of the world’s best tailors and if you’ve got the qian, Dave Shiung might just be the tailor for you.

Dave set up the Kerry Centre branch in the late ’90s and now spends his time shuttling between Beijing and Shanghai. He clearly knows his craft, and even has a few impostors claiming to be the genuine article.

Prices start at around 4,500RMB but can go up to 20,000RMB depending on the fabric, which is exclusively imported from England and Italy. It has been commented that Dave’s has a particular house style, but stick to your guns and you’ll end up with the style you went in for.

Dave says that for the first 20 years he needed two or three fittings per suit, but now he can do it in one.

Tailor Ma

Despite the Yashow location, Tailor Ma is a favourite of local fashion editors and hipsters alike. Ma has been tailoring for over ten years, and a suit will set you back around 1,400RMB.

It will take at least two days with a recommended three fittings. All the materials are sourced from Jiangsu and Shandong province. His coats also come highly recommended at around 2,000RMB.

Hanloon Tailor

Hanloon is one of the few tailors in the city to have been appointed by some of the finest brands in Europe to use their comprehensive selection of fabric, including Valentino, Gianni Versace, Ermenegildo Zegna and Givenchy. And they promise that the same master tailor who measures and fits you will be the same master tailor who drafts and cuts your final suit.

This certainly is the real deal, but expect a waiting time of at least 25 days to one month. Hanloon is endorsed by Savile Row’s Henry Poole, and they pride themselves on their traditional British tailoring, with a suit costing between 5,000 and 50,000RMB.