Well-famous Jiaozi restaurant in Beijing!

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Posted by Jessica at tochinaandbeyond.com

This jiaozi (dumpling) restaurant will blow your mind. I would make a trip to Beijing just for this restaurant. (OK, only if I were already in China. But still.) They are the freshest-tasting jiaozi I’ve ever had, and the selection of fillings is enormous. My personal favorite is egg-and-carrot, but the seafood dumplings here are also particularly good. Away from the dumpling section of the menu, I highly recommend the laohu cai (老虎菜, “Tiger Salad”), a spicy cilantro salad that will cleanse your palate between dumplings. An English menu is available.

A huge dinner for two, with beer, cost approximately 65 RMB. That includes three types of dumplings and a vegetable dish, which is way too much food for two people. But, uh, we finish it every time.

The restaurant is located in the Dongcheng district, at 252 Andingmennei Dajie (安定门内大姐52号). Walk south from the Andingmen subway station on the east side of the street. The restaurant will be on your right shortly before you reach the first big intersection.