Best Gift Ideas for Dad’s Day

Father's Day 2010

Father's Day 2010

Did you think that your father really loved the tie that you’d presented him last Father’s Day?

More than half of Dads received Father’s Day gifts they didn’t want. In fact, 53 percent of Dads don’t recall the gift they received just two years ago.

This year marks the 100th anniversary of Father’s Day. Despite the momentous anniversary, many Father’s Day gifts remain just as old as the holiday. When fathers know a polka-dot tie or new set of embroidered socks are what he’s getting before he even opens, it’s time to mix things up. Actually, fathers are just as diverse, talented and, even if they never reveal it, emotional as their mommy counterparts.

In honor of Dad, let’s not make this gift feel like a consolation prize so Dad doesn’t feel left out after Mother’s Day, but rather a gift recognized the extraordinary man that had an equal part in bringing you into this world.

Here is my suggestions that are unique ideas, sure to surprise and delight Dads.

Have a Real Trip Together!

Beijing Tour

Exploring Beijing City by taking this Beijing Tour

Book a travel secretly that he has been dreaming and yearning. Arrange a tour for Day only, or for Dad and Mom, or even for your whole family accordingly. These new memories will last far longer than his shock from his 100th pair of new undershirts or ties.

China may be a great tourist choice, and now, it is the time of Shanghai Expo. Dads will see the world here. Besides, they should never miss the Capital city – Beijing, an international metropolis with splendid history and modern steps, with Great Wall hiking and adventure, shopping curio with Chinese characteristics, and much more to offer.

Here are a few discount and best Beijing tour deals for your reference.

Support his hobby

Even if you can’t imagine that he’d need a new coin in his collection, hunt down a piece that he thought was impossible to get. If he likes to fix cars, cook or even garden, go wild in the auto supply store, get some fancy muffin mix, or stop by a plant nursery.

Sports Fanatic?

Then that’s a no brainer, buy tickets to a game for his favorite team, especially if he’s never seen them in person.

wrist watch for Dad

wrist watch for Dad

If dad’s truly into fashion

Why not get him a pair of monogrammed cufflinks? If you want to go a mile further, get his measurements and find a killer sale on an amazing suit that’ll make him feel like a million bucks. If you want to go a little smaller scale, a nice wallet or briefcase works.

If he thinks he’s a handyman

He’ll love a cordless drill. Whether he destroys more than he fixes is another article all together. Jumper cables, a mini tool kit and a solid roadmap will make him feel like king of the road.

telescope for Dad

Telescope for Dad

For the tech man

A Forever Flashlight works without batteries( around $40) Pick up a pair of binoculars that takes pictures (around $100), a two-way radio and wristwatch combo (around $50), or a wristwatch-camera combo.

Cake for Dad

A Cake for Dad

Tasty Treats for pops

Get his sweet tooth tingling with his favorite candy. Get huge bags of it, mix it with other things he might like and pack it nicely in a see-through container. Another route could be his favorite smoked meats, even Slim Jims wrapped up in a fancy bow or a huge can of assorted nuts will be something he can snack on and think of you.

Golf Playing

Golfing with Dad

Dad Loves Golf?

Buy a set of monogrammed golf towels and a pack of golf balls. If you’re able to, spring for a guest pass for a day on the green and go with him.

Editor’s point: Even if you decide not to go with any of these ideas, they should certainly get your creative juices flowing. Let this be an inspiration as you shop for that special man in your life, and you’ll make this Father’s Day his best one ever.