Beijing Dashanlan Street: the oldest and most traditional shopping business street in China

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Situated south of Qianmen Street Beijing, Dashanlan has been the most famous and popular market for many kinds of antiques since 1644 Qing Dynasty.

Nowadays, the Dashanlan Area is one of Beijing’s major protected area because of its great historical and cultural value. It is representative for Beijing’s traditions and culture. You will be able to find many antiques and see many of Beijing’s oldest Hutongs.

After a small shopping trip, you could choose a restaurant there and sit down for Chinese dumplings. The food here is just as this street very traditional and full of Chinese culture something which you will only find here in Beijing.

If you want to experience a touch of Beijing’s markets and shopping miles 200 years ago, this is the perfect place to go.

Here, let me take you to have a virtual shopping tour in the area by enjoying these photos.