BeijingHoliday Customers’ Favorite Travel Experiences and Reviews in Beijing

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Corners of Forbidden City

Corners of Forbidden City

1. Exploring the Forbidden City’s Forgotten Corners

No one fails to be impressed by the grandeur of the Forbidden City’s central axis, which is all most visitors see. But the quieter maze of pavilions, gardens, courtyards, and theaters to either side have the greater charm.

Wild Great Wall

2. Walking on the Great Wall from Jinshanling to Simatai (Beijing)

 The Great Wall, winding snakelike through the mountains, was meant to be walked. This magnificent 3-hour hike follows China’s greatest monument through various states of repair, from freshly restored to thoroughly crumbling, over steep peaks and gentle flats, and through patches of wilderness and rugged farmland, with over two dozen watchtowers along the way. (However, this section is under construction, and not open to the visitors.)

3. Getting Lost in the lanes around Beijing’s Back Lakes

No other city in the world has anything quite like the hutong, narrow lanes once “as numberless as the hairs on an ox.” Now rapidly vanishing, the best-preserved hutong are found around a pair of man-made lakes in the city center. This area is almost the last repository of Old Beijing’s gritty, low-rise charm, dotted with tiny temples, hole-in-the-wall noodle shops, and quiet courtyard houses whose older residents still wear Mao suits.


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