Beijing Accommodation: Beijing Hutong Hostel


You may have been researching for days and browsing many pages of notes, but still can’t come to a decision about which place to stay in Beijing.

Here, you are on the right page, if you want to be in a hutong in an interesting area, especially one with lots of restaurants.

We have collected the latest recommendations and also would post the recent reviews by our customers and real travelers who have stayed in the Hutong area.

The recommended hutong hostels:

1. Sitting on the City Walls Beijing Courtyard House
2. Templeside Lianlian Hutong Guest House
3. Fish Inn
4. Mao Er
5. Chinese Box International Hostel

With the Hutong guesthouse, they are all so unique so I can see why it is hard to compare and make a decision.

However, not all of them will have everything you want so I guess it comes down to what is more important for you, such as, location VS subway access, etc.

All the places on the list above will have restaurants nearby.

Fish Inn:

Only new (opened December 2009 I think) so it has modern touches like good bathrooms with heated floors. Staff speak English. Traditional hutong area & close to subway line 4, but you could also walk to line 1. 10 minute taxi ride to the Forbidden City.

Templeside Lianlian:

I don’t know much about this one but like Fish Inn it is in Xicheng so you will have the shopping center nearby as well as restaurants and you can walk to the subway you are in between line 4 & 2. From the map it seems a slightly longer walk to the subway than Fish Inn.

Sitting on the Wall

Sitting on Walls is a good choice & in a wonderful location. Close to the Forbidden City but not near the subway so you will need to rely on a taxi or bus.

Mao Er

Mao Er – once again excellent location near to Nanluoguxinag. It is a 30 minute walk to the subway tho so you will need to use the bus or taxi. Because it is a bit older you might need to read the reviews re bathrooms & heating.

Other Hostels in Beijing Hutong area

There are other places like Courtyard 7, Coutyard View & Double Happiness. All in good locations with English speaking staff but it is a 15 to 20 minute walk to the subway.

Another nice one is Shijia House – new & beautifully done so you have all modern amenities but set in a Hutong. The subway (line 5) is just around the corner. This one is a bit more pricey than the others.