From Now, Start to Plan your Tibet Tour with Tibet Travel Permits

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News: On the Mar.19th, Tibet Travel Bureau has announced that the Tibet permits application would start from today (Mar.23, 2015) and it is much earlier this year, compared with the last few years.

If you are planning to a Tibet tour in April, then it is time to book an itinerary through with a reliable Tibet Tour Company and entrust them to apply for your Tibet Travel Permit. Tibet Travel Permit, also call Tibet Visa in addition to China Visa, is the must-have documents required for tour in Tibet of the International tourists (non-Chinese passport holders, overseas Chinese people and Taiwanese).

Tibet Travel Permit

Tibet Travel Permit

The permits you need to apply for are different depending on the places from which you will enter Tibet area and the areas to which you will travel.

1. Entering Tibet:

A. From motherland China: firstly, you need to apply for China Visa with your passport from the Chinese Embassy; secondly, email or call to book an itinerary with a Tibet Travel Agency and entrust he/ she to apply for Tibet Permits for you.

B. From Nepal: If you will just travel Tibet area from Nepal, and not travel to mainland China, there is no need to get a China Visa, and just book an Tibet itinerary with a Tibet Travel Agency, and entrust he/ she to get the group visa invitation letter from the Tibet Tourism Bureau in Lhasa, and then get the copy of the letter to the Nepal agency who will apply for the Group Visa with your original passport.

Train to Tibet

Train to Tibet

2. Travelling in Tibet:

A. Taking a trip going through sensitive areas or border regions, such as: Mt. Kailash Tour, Sichuan-Tibet Overland Tour, Tibet-Kashgar Overland Tour and so on, Military and PSB Permits are needed.

B. Taking a trip to Mt. Everest Base Camp, Samye Monastery (southern part of Tibet), Nyinchi (eastern part of Tibet) and Mt. Kailash, Alien’s Travel Permit is necessary.

These three permits can be issued from the local Public Security Bureau just before you enter the regions.

Peach Blossom before Potala Palace

Peach Blossom before Potala Palace

3. Best Time to Visit Tibet

After the closing of days from Feb.10 to Mar.23, Tibet will welcome its high tourist season of 8 months from April to October.

Spring, from March to May, is a good time to visit Tibet. The weather begins to warm up, and the lovely flowers are in full bloom. Tourists can also get a discount lodging fees and tour service fees.

Summer, from June to August, is the best time of a year to see the nomad Tibetan culture. During these months, the grasslands are in the amazing green and and thousands of Tibetans are living in their yak wool tents. Tour and hotel prices are higher than the low season.

Autumn, from September to October, is the most comfortable season to travel to Tibet. The skies are generally clear and the mountains are usually snow-capped.

Winter, from November to February, is considered as the low tourist season. The weather is getting more and more dry and windy, but is the clearest in a year giving amazing views of the mountains. Hotels and travel agencies offer discounts during winter time, and there are almost no tourists around.