Japan Update: Current News Shows no Cause for Alarm in China

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To the thousands affected by the earthquake and unclear disaster in Japan, we at BeijingHoliday send our deepest condolences. We can only imagine the devastating effects that this is having and hope that relief will come as quickly as possible.

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Accessibility Checklist for Hotel Accommodation; Beijing Disabled Travel

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Accessibility is not standardized in the hotel industry and can be easily interpreted in different ways by hotel employees. Rather than look for ‘wheelchair friendly’ hotels in the forums and websites, have your criteria and needs ready and deal with the hotel directly. Often hotel websites will show that they have accessible rooms, but their definitions may differ widely and they may not be designed to meet your needs. At this point, you call directly.

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Dos & Don’ts for the Beijing Travelers

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First time in Beijing? Let us give you some tips to help avoid the classic China-Rookie mistakes.

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Beijing Traffic Impression in the Rush Hours

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Beijing offers some of the most famous historical sites – The Great Wall, The Ming Tombs, The Forbidden City, The Summer Palace and Tian Anmen Square – of which we have been to see all.

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How to take the Subway in Beijing and China

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Congratulations! You’ve decided to avoid traffic, go green and take the subway. You might be a little daunted but don’t be, take your time and follow these easy directions and hopefully you’ll get wherever you need to go with ease and aplomb.

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Traveler Nuisances: things that may spoil your pleasant tour

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China is, for the most part, a pretty safe place in which to travel – you don’t have to worry about accidentally venturing into the wrong part of town. That said, you need to have your wits about you and ensure that you travel safely and prudently. There are a few customs that foreign guests to China sometimes find unsavory. Being aware of these points will help you prepare for likely events without coloring your trip unsatisfactorily. Read on to know what hassles and nuisances travelers may experience in China.

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China Tour: First Aid Kit Packing List


Bringing a first aid kit with you to China will save you a headache – literally and figuratively. Many medications, or their equivalents, are available in China but you don’t want to be navigating your way through a Chinese pharmacy or sitting in the ER when all you need is some diarrhea meds to help you with that spicy Sichuan food you ate yesterday.

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