Traveler Nuisances: things that may spoil your pleasant tour

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China is, for the most part, a pretty safe place in which to travel – you don’t have to worry about accidentally venturing into the wrong part of town. That said, you need to have your wits about you and ensure that you travel safely and prudently. There are a few customs that foreign guests to China sometimes find unsavory. Being aware of these points will help you prepare for likely events without coloring your trip unsatisfactorily. Read on to know what hassles and nuisances travelers may experience in China.

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Tea House Scam

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Tea house scam should get mentioned for the foreigners. It really happens from time to time in Beijing and other cities. I do not want to see that your wonderful trip in Beijing soured by these scams, so I post this kind of thing again to alert you guys.

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Never Trust a “Student” in Beijing

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Seth Stellin, One of my friends from Australia, just came back from a Beijing trip. He just complained at the very start of our chatting by MSN. Here I post his story about being trapped.

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