Beijing Opera Troupe Celebrates Its 60th Anniversary in 2015

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Peking Opera

Beijing Opera Troupe will stage a series of 44 classic Peking Opera (Jinju, 京剧) performance at Mei Lanfang Grand Theatre between January 1 and March 16 in 2015.

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How to Have Fun at Your Summer Night in Beijing?

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Summer is always the best season to enjoy the pleasure when the heat is gone after the sun set. Taking a walk after dinner with family, go to the night market for local snacks, or just have a drink in a Night club… both the local residents and travelers enjoy the night here. If you

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Forthcoming Opera Shows in Beijing

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Live performance of Peking Opera are brought on stages in major theatres and art centers in Beijing. Follow us to start your Chinese Opera exploration and get the updates on Opera Shows in Beijing.

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The History of Peking Opera

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In the past, stages in most Chinese theaters were square platforms exposed to the audience on three sides, even all sides sometimes. In the latter case, performances could be watched from the back also. An embroidered curtain known as a shoujiu was hung over the platform, which was thus divided into two parts: the back stage and the stage. In front of the curtain, stood a table on which were laid various musical instruments to be used for the performance and musicians were seated nearby. That table, together with musicians, occupied a part of the facade of the stage and could be seen by the audience. That is why the Peking Opera orchestra has traditionally been known as Changmian which means stage set-up.

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