Best ways to stretch your holiday money


Pressed for cash? You don’t need bucket loads of money to have a great travel experience – you just need these tips which are collected from the Lonely Planet.

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Bargaining Rules: save your money

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There’s a saying around here: “Everything in China is negotiable.” Shopping, buying and selling, they’re all games. The seller plays and the buyer plays. Most of the time it’s amiable but sometimes tempers flare and I’ve seen live fish being whipped at shoppers who deride the merchandise and punches being thrown in the marketplace. Have no fear, in the tourist-trade, everyone’s out to make a deal and you just have to learn the rules.

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Exchange Money in Beijing

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Planning to go to Beijing China, no matter for sightseeing or business, a vital thing should be considered about is the money exchange.
Where is the best place to exchange the money in Beijing?
How much is the commission fee charged?
Credit Card? Traveler Check? Or Cash?

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