Siheyuan Hotel in Beijing

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To get a traditional Chinese residence experience by checking in these Siheyuan Hotel in Beijing to touch this old city with genuine local essence as well as great amenities.

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Hotels near Beijing Airport

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If your flight is very early, hotels nearby the airport will be helpful. They are within 15 minutes drive distance from the airport. Some of them only take you five minutes. In addition, there will be free shuttle bus to airport. So you will never late for your flight.

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Why Hutong Hostels in Beijing are so popular?

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There are more than 700 registered hotels in Beijing, according to the Beijing Tourism Administration, but among which only a handful offer guests an experience of old Beijing, especially a hutong life experience.

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Beijing Accommodation: Beijing Hutong Hostel

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You may have been researching for days and browsing many pages of notes, but still can’t come to a decision about which place to stay in Beijing. Here, you are on the right page, if you want to be in a hutong in an interesting area, especially one with lots of restaurants.

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