3 Last-Minute Spring Break Deals, China Beijing Spring Tour

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Spring has sprung, but there’s still time to plan a dirt-cheap vacation this season. Check out the 4 money-saving last-minute spring break deals we’ve unearthed.

1. Wild China – 15 Days Mystery of the Silk Road 

The Silk Road remains one of the world’s most legendary journeys, full of dusty desert roads and ancient towns immortalized in the accounts of the great Italian traveler, Marco Polo. Travelers find stunning desert landscapes that seem to stretch out endlessly and gain an appreciation for the oasis settlements that sprung up across the desert, providing a vital backbone for trade and the spread of religion, science, and technology to and from China. The Silk Road presents a window into the harsh conditions faced by early merchants and monks who depended on it for trade and communication between Europe and Asia.

On our journey, we explore bustling bazaars; spend quality time with local Uighur residents; immerse in the awe-inspiring isolation of the Taklamakan Desert; explore Karakul Lake and its surrounding lush alpine forests; dine in a beautiful vineyard; and encounter the sheer magnificence of the Flaming Mountains. All the while, we take in the glorious scents and flavors of the vibrant Central Asian culture that lies at the heart of Xinjiang province. An optional, post-trip extension to another Silk Road oasis, Dunhuang in neighboring Gansu province, allows for one final step back in time.

2. Landscape of China – 12 Days Amazing Landscape of China Tour

China is a country with one of the most diverse terrain in the world. The natural sceneries on this land are of all kinds with some of the most unique landscape that unseen elsewhere. This tour will bring you to the most breathtakingly beautiful places of China, where are the masterpieces of the Mother Nature.

3. Visit Beijing in Blossom – 3, 4, or 5 days? it’s up to you.

As the sunny spring weather warms up the city, flowers are blooming and animals are returning from their winter retreats.

Don’t miss the three annual flower festivals in Beijing that are coming around the corner, namely the Peach Blossom Festival in the Botanic Gardens, the Cherry Blossom Festival in Yuyuantan Park, and the Chinese Crabapple Flower Festival in Yuan Dynasty City Wall Relics Park. We’ve got all of them covered.