Yangfang Hutong Beijing: Restaurant of Li Family

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Do you know there is a rule of restaurant in China?

That is the most authentic and pretty good restaurant in China is located in the quite remote place that far away from the busy area.

In this thread, I will show you the restaurant of Li Family in Yangfang Hutong, Houhai area, Xicheng District, Beijing.

Former President Clinton, Major, Bill Gates, Jin Yong, Leslie Cheung, and Jackie Chan ever had dinner in this restaurant.

Yangfang Hutong is a hutong in central Beijing’s Xicheng District. It lies in the Huohai area. The hutong connects in the northwest with Xinjiekou East Street (to the west) and Deshengmen Inner Street (to the north and the south). It heads southeast until coming to a crossing with Houhainanyan Alley. Yangfang Hutong is famous for its local and expatriate nightlife.