China Top Five Ski Resorts

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No.1 Yabuli Ski Resort — the Best Ski Resort in China

Yabuli Ski Resort

Yabuli Ski Resort, located halfway between Harbin and Mudanjiang River in China’s northernmost province Heilongjiang (formerly known as Manchuria), is the home of China’s first destination resort and has expanded into China’s first ski town with multiple resorts on 3 mountains with a selection of 2 to 5 star hotels along a main access road. The two large areas are Yabuli Sun Mountain and Yabuli Ski Resort. A third small ski area, Avaunce, offers beginners terrain on a smaller hill. A final third large mountain is still only used by the Chinese National Ski Team but is slated for future development into a 3rd large ski area with advanced terrain.

The higher mountains next to Sun Mountain have been open to the public with new resorts. Yabuli Ski Resort is the biggest training centre for alpine skiers and has hosted many professional skiing competitions. In 1996 the 3rd Winter Asian Games was held here along with numerous National Winter Games and other national and provincial competitions.

Avaunce (Yabuli) International Convention & Exhibition Center Hotel, 5 star
Sun Mountain Yabuli, 3 star

1. By tour bus: Visitors can take tour bus to Yabuli Town at Harbin Longyun Passenger Station which takes about three hours. After getting off at Yabuli Town, visitors can take a mini-bus to Yabuli Ski Resort which takes about 20 minutes
2. By train: Visitors can take the following trains to Yabuli Ski Resort.

No.2 Beijing Huaibei Ski Resort — the Longest Ski Trail in Beijing

Beijing Huaibei Ski Resort

Beijing Huaibei Ski Resort

Huaibei Ski Resort has a distance of 70km from Beijing downtown with the longest ski trail of all Beijing’s ski resorts. It is located at the Jiugukou Natural Scenic Spot in Huairou Area, which enjoys another name “Beijing’s Back Garden”.

Ski terrain in Huaibei Ski Resort is surrounded by mountains topped with the ancient Ming Great Wall.  Huaibei Ski Resort covers the largest area among the Beijing Ski Resorts with 100, 000 square meters of snow area,which allows as many as 5,000 people to ski at the same time.

The equipment is the most completed in Beijing. There are all kinds of ski tools, luxury VIP rooms, and imported stoving equipment. And there are convenient e-charge systems. Built in 2000, it is one of the oldest and the most secure ski resorts in Beijing. The guidance system is the European Signals. Besides, there are workers offering optimal service every 50 meters.

There are many kinds of hotels around, from 3-star to 5-star, clean and comfortable. If you are looking for something different, the farm house may be a good choice.
Beijing Tangyun Conference Resort, 5 star

1. Bus Line: Bus No.936 Branch
2. Skiing Direct Bus:
Starting at 8:10 from Dongzhi Men to Huaibei Ski Resort
Returning at 16:40 from Huaibei Ski Resort to Dongzhi Men (Reservation is needed)


No.3 Beijing Nanshan Skiing Resort — Largest Skiing Resort of Beijing

Beijing Nanshan Ski Resort

Beijing Nanshan Ski Resort

Beijing Nanshan Skiing Resort is situated in Miyun County, the suburb of Beijing, about 60km away from downtown. It can be reachable along the Beijing-Chengde Highway, with the combination of a series of recreational activities such as skiing, sliding and so on. As a peculiar resort for winter season in Beijing and the North China, Nanshan Skiing Resort can receive 5,000 persons every day. It possesses more than 2,500 parking spots. With the location of North Slope of Nanshan Mountain, the resort enjoys a good snow condition, magnificent and beautiful landscape as well as agreeable climate.

After ten years of development, Nanshan Skiing Resort has already built 21 trails, including the skiing trails for primary, medium and high level skiers, as well as the trails for teaching, learning and amusement. It also boasts the first Half-pipe with international standard and the first Mogul’s advanced trail in China, as well as the first snow football ground for 6 players. Besides, there is a Quiksilver Nanshan Mellow Park, which is the favorite practice ground for China’s top-competition snowboarders.

Nanshan Ski Resort provides 2 kinds of accommodations for options.
The Shirton Inn and Norway Villa


Public transportation:
Bus No.980, the Dongmi Special Railway line, stop at West Bridge.

Taxi: about $50 each direction. A one-way trip by taxi takes about 1 hour and a half.


No.4 Alshan Ski Resort — China Alps Skiing Resort

Alshan Skin Resort

Alshan Skin Resort


Alshan Ski Resort, on the border of Inner Mongolia (Province) of China and the State of Mongolia, is surrounded by primitive forests. The resort covers some 10 Square Kilometers. Snowing periods last about 180 days, from Nov. to Apr. with soft wind. Surrounded by tree-clad mountains, it is one of the best ski resorts in China and one of the training bases for the Chinese Olympic Skiing Team.
The ski resort contains two parts: the West Hill Ski Terrain for ski racing and training and East Hill Terrain for fun. The West Hill Terrain is built in accordance with the standard of international ski racing, suitable for competition and training. This part covers around 5.5 square kilometers with a great many alpine and cross country trails. The East Hill Terrain has alpine drops, runs for middle-level skiers and beginners trails. It always has something for skiers of different levels. Ski machines have been set up to help the novices to improve their skills and enjoy the excitement. Alshan Skiing Resort has many great advanced facilities.

Features of Alshan Ski Resort:
1. Snow trails that lead to downtown are unique in China.
2. Unsophisticated settings of glades, forest, various peaks help deliver an unpretentious, natural, mind-friendly experience.
3. Multitude of snowfall, long snow-covered period makes skiing time last from Nov- Apr.
4. Great varieties of activities contain playing with snow, football on snow, adventure trip on snow fields, ski race, ski training, etc.
5. You may have watched the Mongolian horse-racing, wrestling, archery and hunting on a grassland. Alshan Skiing Resort will carry out these activities on the snow ground to give you a complete different spectacle and feeling.

Fashion Travel Hotel in Alshan City, located close to Alshan Ski Resort. No.4 Hotspring Street in Alshan city, Inner Mongolia.

Board a bus or train bound for Alshan Alpine Resort


No.5 Xiling Snow Mountain Ski Resort — the Largest Ski Resort in China

Xiling Snow Mountain Ski Resort

Xiling Snow Mountain Ski Resort


Xiling Snow Mountain Ski Resort, also called “the Oriental Alps”, China’s largest ski resort, is located in Xiling Snow Mountain Ski Field, Xiling Town, Dayi County, about 100km west-southwest of Chengdu, Sichuan Province.
Its remarkable climate during winter months is the biggest highlight, since the ski resort’s high altitude, clear and sunny weather, as well as the relatively warm temperature is extremely suitable for all ski lovers.
Xiling Snow Mountain Ski Resort has 7 world-class Alpine ski pistes, totaling in all 10 kilometers and ranging from beginner to advanced levels, so there is always something for every member, regardless of skill levels.
The resort has a full range of ropeways servicing all the pistes. In addition to the most popular winter activity, skiing, the resort offers several other snowmobile trails as well.

There are lots of small hotels around the mountain.
Xuehua hotel,about CNY200 per room per night.

Express bus from Chengdu Xinnanmen Bus Station. It takes about 2 hours, and costs around around CNY30 per person.