Beijing Shopping: find your right Beijing shopping areas

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Shoppers are well catered for in Beijing, whether one is looking for antiques, souvenirs or bargains. From glitzy malls to huge markets, there is plenty of explore. Every year new shopping centers, plazas and malls are sprouting up all over the metropolis. There are many superstores, mega-malls and markets and boutiques where you can buy just about anything you need.

Here is the question: I am pressed for time, so which the best shopping place that is worthwhile to go? It depends on what you expect and the prices you are prepared to pay. My thread may help you solve the common trouble for Beijing shoppers.

Shopping in Beijing

Shopping in Beijing

1. Beijing high-fashion shopping areas

  • Wangfujing – Dongdan
  • Xidan – Shichahai
  • Sanlitun – Yansha
  • 798 Art Space
Shopping Malls

Shopping Malls

2. Shopping areas to experience the old Beijing

  • Di’anmen Gate – Nanluoguxiang
  • Dengshikou – Dongsi
  • Yonghegong – Guozijian
  • Qianmen – Dazhalan Street
Qiananmen Street

Qiananmen Street

3. Shopping areas with rich varieties of clothes and decorations

  • Beijing Zoo Market
  • Dahongmen Market
  • Xiushui Street (Silk Street)
  • Women Street
  • Sanlitun
  • Xin Jiekou
xiushui Street

xiushui Street

4. Largest and most Professional Digital Electronic Towns

  • Beijing Silicon Valley
  • Warwick Digital Square
  • Zhongguancun Electronics City
  • Pacific Computer Market Beijing
Zhongguancun Electronics City

Zhongguancun Electronics City

5. Flowers, Birds and Pets Markets that Locals love to go 

  •  Beijing Laitai Flower Market & Trade
  • Beijing Guanyuan Flower Bird Fish and Bug Market
Beijing Guanyuan Flower Bird Fish and Bug Market

Beijing Guanyuan Flower Bird Fish and Bug Market

6. Dazzling Curio Markets

  • Panjiayuan Market
  • Beijing Curio City
  • Liulichang Antique Market
  • Hongqiao Market
panjiayuan market

panjiayuan market

Are you interested in any one of the above? Want to know its location and more information and guide of these Beijing shopping areas? Just leave your questions in the following comment section, and I will answer you within few hours. Or you can just email me at: .