Where to watch 2010 Soccer World Cup in Beijing


On the 11th, June 2010 and for the coming period of a whole month, football mania is likely to sweep the globe. For any football lover and even many people that normally give too hoots about football, the world cup is an opportunity to go out on the town, enjoy the summer weather and most importantly have a cold one with friends.

Can’t be present at pitchside in South Africa? No problem! Here, we have picked the most fabulous locations around the Beijing city where you can catch the action.

Free as a bird bar

Free as a bird bar (Yizhan Bar)

1. Free as a Bird Bar & Restaurant (A Travel Bar & Restaurant)

Free as a bird, or Yizhan in Chinese, is located in a traditional courtyard. This hidden little courtyard café-cum-restaurant aimed at backpackers serves a mélange of Southwestern Chinese provincial dishes, Indian milk tea, pizza and more. A bar area offers cocktails, beer and other spirits.

Like its name – free as a bird, the restaurant started its business with providing convenience and services for the travelers from all over the world, aiming to make them feel at home. So, it should be for first choice where to make new friends and cheer for the World Cup.

Location: No. 30 Beixingqiaotoutiao Hutong, Dongcheng District, Beijing

Tel: (8610) 6401-0979, 6401-1126

Daily 11:00am – 01:00am

50-80 RMB per person

2. Red Ball Football Club & Bar

Opposite Worker’s Stadium’s north gate and down a small road you will find Red Ball Football Club & Bar.

Two five-a-side pitches, a patio lounge area, and a well stocked sports bar greet you at the end of an otherwise drab looking parking lot.

At night, the floodlit green all-weather turf is a nice change from the concrete surroundings of Gongti Beilu. The bar offers a well priced variety of Chinese and import beers (RMB 15-30) and a large selection of whiskeys, shooters and cocktails (RMB 15-30).

The real draw here, however, is the chance to play some spirited games of football and engage in anything football related. Ample patio style seating gives a great vantage point from which to see the two large projection screens on either side of the bar, in place for World Cup action during the summer.

No doubt Red Ball is the place to enjoy a game or two, have a beer and talk about the beautiful game.

Location: A1 Gongti Beilu, (behind the Bus Bar parking lot), Chaoyang District

Tel: 010-64132848

Perfect for: the football fan

Irish Bar

Irish Bar

3. Paddy O’ Shea’s

One of the best places to watch a game during in the world cup has always been in a good old fashioned British pub. Better still, a traditional Irish pub in Beijing with Guinness, Kilkenny and Carlsberg on tap and reasonably priced: Paddy’s is the place to enjoy a cool one and cheer on your team. Even though, sadly, Ireland have not qualified this year; you can be rest assured that the atmosphere will we be lively for the duration with many a beer soaked, homesick ex-pat jumping out of his chair in excitement or dismay, in what is shaping up to be a hot competition televised live from South Africa. It has been said that the Irish always like to sing about returning to the ’emerald isle’ but seldom do; with a local like Paddy’s it is hardly surprising that they end up staying in Beijing.

Location: 28 Dongzhimen Waidajie, across from the Canadian Embassy, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Tel: 010 6415 6389

School Bar

School Bar

4. School Bar

Founded by wild Beijing rock ‘n’ roller Liu Hao of the punk band band Joyside, School Bar is shockingly chill and elegant.

The calm white décor, plush couches on two floors and balcony overlooking the hutongs surrounding Lama Temple are a far cry from Liu Hao’s former D-22 homestead. Guinness (¥50) on tap, Boddington’s (¥40), absinthe (¥40 and up) and affordable local beer are served by former Joyside frontman Bian Yuan.

The new bar is the ideal hutong hideaway for indulging in the joys of Beijing.

Location: No. 53 Wudaoying Hutong

Tel: 010 6402 8881

All-Star Sports Bar an Grill

All-Star Sports Bar an Grill

5. All-Star Sports Bar an Grill

The All-Star Sports Bar will probably appeal to those that know the beautiful game as soccer rather than football: a football being something they would, somewhat ironically, refer to as something that they would be more likely to pick up in their hands and run with, more often than actually kick. That’s right; All-Star Sports Bar does the sports bar thing the American way. If you are unsure as to which way that actually is; only one word needs to be used to surmise the All-Star’s American way, that is: BIG. With 65 large plasma screen TVs, it will be virtually impossible for someone’s head to get in the way, or overzealous fans jumping up and down blocking your view when you are trying to catch that all important semi final penalty shootout. The All-Star Sports Bar is where you want to head if you like the sound of a classic burger and fries, USA style, to accompany your game watching the men in the silly shorts and long socks kick the ball with their feet (of all things).

Location: Bldg. 5-1, Solana, 6 Chaoyang Park Lu, Chaoyang District, Beijing (On the east side of the Solana Center, closer to the north gate of Chaoyang Park)

Tel: 010 5805 6999

The Goose and Duck Bar

The Goose and Duck Bar

6. The Goose and Duck

The Goose and Duck has long been an institution on the Beijing ex-pat scene. Having moved from one side of Chaoyang Park to another it maintains it reputation not only as an excellent sports bar but also as a place to take the family; boasting a BBQ deck and a children’s play zone, it strikes the perfect balance between sports bar and family venue. Now off the main strip and on the fourth ring road on the other side of the park it not only sets itself apart from the much of a muchness that is Sanlitun/Chaoyang Park (west) and to good effect. You can be rest assured that you will be able to enjoy the 2010 South Africa World Cup in Goose and Duck amongst the mature ex-pat crowd, accompanied with quality pub drinking and eating.

Location: 1F, Building 1, Green Lake International Tower, , East of Chaoyang Park Bridge, Beijing

Tel: 010 5928 3045

If you are not interested in any bars or restaurants, there are just some picks of outdoor squares that have the Super-large LCD broadcasting the World Cup 2010. If you want to know other outdoor places that may are around your hotel and stay to watch the World Cup, just leave your questions in the comment section or email me at advisor1@beijingholiday.com , I will answer you within 24 hours.

  1. The east side of the Square of Beijing Railway Station
  2. The east side of Wangfujing Street (South)
  3. East of Wangfujing Walking Street
  4. Northeast entrance of the New Dong’an Market