Travel Guide on Beijing Flower Shows

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In Beijing, 100 locations at over 10 parks are having flower shows in April and May.

In flowers’ blooming season, Chinese people are having Spring family outing to get good views of fine, bright spring days. It is a Chinese tradition, performed as one of the Qingming Festival celebrations. Public parks in Beijing offer garden views of flower along with mountain and water views.

About 20 highlighted locations in Beijing present a great variety of fine flowers and other plants.

At Yuyuan Lake, the flower show will last around one month with nearly 2000 Oriental Cherry plants of 20 different species. Location:Haidian District, Beijing

In the Botanical Garden, the flower shows will be open to tourists until 8th, May. About one million plants of near 1000 species are on the show. Location: Wofosi Rd, Haidian District,Beijing

Other recommended locations of Beijing Flower Shows:

Beihai Park, starts from 1st, April. Location: Wenjin Street, Xicheng, Beijing

Xiangshan Park, starts from 31st, March. Location: Xiangshan Street, Haidian District, Beijing

Chongshan Park, location: Donghuamen Rd, Dongcheng District, Beijing

Summer Palace: Dongcheng District, Beijing