Picking Strawberries in Beijing, fresh & fun

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Recently, strawberry plantations in Beijing multiply year by year. It grows all over the four directions in the suburbs. Visitors can go to pick strawberries both for fresh taste and a fun experience.



Go westward

Place: Fragrant Hill
Fragrant Hill is also known for its big, red, juicy strawberries, besides the red maples. The nearby Xiangshan Village, located in the northwest of Sijiqing town, Haidian district, produces 60 mu of strawberries, with an output of 100,000 kilograms. The prices for picking vary from 60 yuan, 80 yuan and 120 yuan per jin, according to different qualities.

Transportation: Take bus No.331, 505 or 563 and get off at the south gate of botanical garden

Go down south

Place: Daxing district
The production area of strawberries in Beijing Daxing district is 44 mu with a seasonal production of 37,200 kilograms. The milk irrigation makes the strawberries there bright, red and sweet, with great fruity aroma. The picking prices are 80 yuan and 100 yuan per jin by strawberry types.

Transportation: take bus No.926 and get off at Caiyu Zhengfu crossing.

Go eastward

Located in Jinzhan town, Chaoyang district, Landiao Zhuangyuan is a leisure farm that produces 30 mu of strawberries. The seasonal production is 30,000 kilograms. The picking price is 80 yuan per jin.

Transportation: take bus No.639 and get off at Louzizhuang Majiagou station, follow the road sign.

Go up north

The Changping, Yanqing, Huairou and Miyun counties in the north of Beijing produce a large amount of vegetables and fruits. There are over 30 strawberry picking gardens in Changping district. As it is great in quantity or variety, many people go there on weekends for picking. The picking prices are 30 yuan, 40 yuan and 60 yuan per jin according to different types.

Transportation: take bus No.945 at Xiaotangshan Huandao and get off at Dadongliu station.

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