Best Places to Pick Fresh Fruits in Beijing

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Refreshing breeze indicates that summer has come to an end while autumn is on the way. The summer heat gradually fades away, and the comfortable autumn makes Beijing suddenly more romantic and attractive.

Autumn is widely regarded as the best season in Beijing, with a mild climate and, more importantly, various kinds of outdoor activities: such as fresh fruits picking, one of the most appreciated activity by Beijing locals and foreign tourists.

The fruits ripe in autumn are: grape, pear, raspberry, apple, etc, and the best Places to Pick them in Beijing are the following: 

1. Picking Grape in Beijing’s Vineyard

Beijing’s Vineyard, located at 10 degrees north latitude, Caiyu County in south Beijing’s Daxing District, boasts an over 1,333 hectares of vineyards, with hundreds of different kinds of grapes.
Wandering around the vineyard, all the clusters of grapes on view will undoubtedly work up an appetite.
There is a huge range of grapes to sample, from the widely known “Ju Feng” domestic brand, to a great many exotic brands.

Drive along Jingjintang expressway (or Beijing-Tianjin-Tangshan Expressway) turning off at Caiyu exit. Large areas of vineyards will already be in your sight. ‘Caiyu Vineyard’ is one of them.

2. Picking Bergamot Pear and Prune in Zhongtian Hanhai Garden

Zhongtian Hanhai garden in north Beijing’s Huairou District is full of surprises for visitors. Different from common gardens in which you can pick fruit, the layout has been carefully designed so as to provide a revitalizing atmosphere. Aside from clusters of different shaped pumpkins and cucurbits, the garden is famous for its bergamot pears and prunes. The pears are ripe from mid-August to mid-September, while the prunes are best picked at the end of September.

Admission: 20 Yuan (or 2.9 Dollars)/ person
Pear picking: 20 Yuan (or 2.9 Dollars)/kilo
Grape picking: 40 Yuan (or 5.8 Dollars)/kilo
Prune picking: 40 Yuan (or 5.8 Dollars)/kilo
Pumpkin picking: 50 Yuan (or 7.3 Dollars) for one
Cucurbit picking: 10 Yuan (or 1.4 Dollars) for one

3. Picking Organic Pear

Among the numerous pear gardens in Beijing’s southwest Daxing District, Laohu Garden is the most famous. Pears here boast a larger size and good taste as well as a fresh appearance. These fruits are grown using organic fertilizers in order to maintain a premium taste. Besides pears, the garden also has towel gourds, also known as loofahs and often used as in the bathroom to scrub skin, peanuts and mint for visitors to pick.

4. Picking Raspberry at Yongxinyuan Ecological Farmhouse

At Yongxinyuan Ecological Farmhouse in north Beijing’s Shunyi District, picking raspberries is an interesting but difficult job, since the fruits grow in the low bushes so you have to squat on the ground to reach one at a time. Although the taste is not extraordinary, raspberry is rich in Vitamin E and therefore has many fans.

Price for reference: 160 Yuan (or 23 Dollars) /kilo