National Museum of China has been reopened!

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After almost 4 years renovating, the National Museum of China reopens on March 1st.

Located in the east side of Tiannamen Square, the museum was first opened in 1959 and closed in 2007 for renovation. It was expanded to 191.900 squared meters and it’s now considered the largest museum in the world. The renovation project cost 2.5 billion RMB.

The museum has 49 exhibition rooms to keep its collection of over 1 million cultural relics. It also provides to regular exhibitions: “The Road of Rejuvenation” which shows Chinese History since the Opium War in 1840 and the other one featuring ancient China.

The National Museum of China offers a 800 seats theater, as well as a 300 seats conference hall and a 600 squared meters studio. The conference hall will exhibit digital films and documentaries to the public.

From March 1st to the 16th, only groups were allowed to enter. Starting from the 17th, it was reopened for individual visitors though only up to 3000 people are allowed in each day.

The entrance is free of charge!

Now the locals and travelers will have a new wonderful attraction to check out in this amazing metropolis!