Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Railway: the Fastest and the Oldest

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Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed railway(HRS), the world’s fastest railway, is coming! Today is the first day of the one-month trial run.

 Construction began on April 18, 2008, and a ceremony to mark the completion of track lying was held on November 15, 2010. The line is scheduled to be put into commercial service on June 20, 2011

The whole journey, from Beijing South to Shanghai Hongqiao, is 1,305km, including 24main stations. The fastest scheduled train can finished it in 3 hours, 58 minutes, averaging 329 km/h, compared to 9 hours, 49 minutes the trains running on the parallel old railway. In fact the maximum operating speed is up to 380 km/h (240 mph). However, the railway would be slowed down to 300 km/h for safety reasons.

As an important railway, Jinghu railway has a long history. While waiting for the new start, let’s review the past.

 It is a pity that you can never see the green trains on Jinghu Railway now. For the cheap price, the Green Train was very popular among ordinary passengers, especially migrant workers. However ,the last green train, working asTrain 1461 and Train 1462 were discarded on June 28th , 2010.

The Classic Green Train 1461 on Jinghu Railway

The cheapest hard-seats

The tiny table


Although you can see some trains in green, most of them are not those original traditional Green Trains.

Now, on one of the most oldest railway, the newest and fastest bullet train is running.