Japan Update: Current News Shows no Cause for Alarm in China

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To the thousands affected by the earthquake and unclear disaster in Japan, we at BeijingHoliday send our deepest condolences. We can only imagine the devastating effects that this is having and hope that relief will come as quickly as possible.

Japan Earthquake

Japan Earthquake

We have received several calls and e-mails asking if the situation in Japan has affected China. Matthew Bunn, Associate Professor at Harvard Kennedy School, discusses it further here: http://belfercenter.ksg.harvard.edu/power/2011/03/14/japans-nuclear-power-plant-crisis-some-context/ .

Our office remains fully functional, albeit the possibility of slower communication as the internet connection is currently a bit spotty.

If the disturbances have affected your travel to China, BeijingHoliday will do everything possible to facilitate re-routing and rebooking your trip.  We remain committed to providing a safe and memorable experience in China

We will monitor the situation closely and keep all informed about the situation’s effects on your Beijing and China travel.

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