Happy Women’s Day

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I wish all the Women including me “A very Happy Women’s Day”!

Happy Women's Day

Happy Women's Day

Personally, I think it is wonderful to celebrate the feminine spirit every day, but it is still nice to have a special day for it, especially in the early spring.

The Mother Nature, as the ultimate feminine spirit, is reawakening now in its full magnificent force; it is beyond words to describe the potency of Chi you experience in nature in early spring.

If you have not been out in nature for a while, go find a spot under a blossoming tree and just feels its bursting energy. It will help you re-connect to the same natural power within you.

Bring some fresh spring flowers into your home, place them in your kitchen, or place them in your bedroom; let their delicate beauty uplift your spirit and fill your heart with love.

Beijing in Blossom

During the spring in Beijing the trees and plants begin to turn green and the Great Wall emerges from the lush vegetation. Everything looks so fresh. It is a good time to avoid the crowd tourists in summer and autumn. In late spring with the flowers blooming makes it a great time to contemplate a wild section of the wall and hike it up. After the excursion, pamper yourself in a hot spring spa. What a wonderful life it is!

  • See Apricot flower at Phoenix Ridge Scenic Area
  • Viewing Yulan Magnolia at Dajue Temple
  • See Cherry Blossoms at Yuyuantan Park
  • See Pear Blossoms at Panggezhuang
  • See Peach Blossoms at Pinggu District
  • See Peony Flower at Jingshan Park
  • See Chinese Flowering Crabapple at Yuan Dynasty Wall Relics Park


Have a beautiful Women’s Day!

Actually, every day is the Women’s Day in the early and blossoming Spring!