Beijing Snacks: Xiaochi

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As tapas in Spain, Chinese Xiaochi are important food and snacks, also known as street food in China. They are sold especially on night market at special stalls or small restaurants that specialize in a few or even just one xiaochi. Served sometimes as the fourth meal of the day, it has a Chinese name of Xiaoye. Listed are commonly visited Xiaochi venues for local people in Beijing.

Xiaochi in Huguosi Street are renowned for their great variety of traditional snacks with decent price. Flavors are from north and south and some are highly local.

Location: Huguosi Street, Xicheng District

In south Luoguxiang, bars and restaurants are with both western and Chinese style, you can find different characterized Chinese pizzas, barbecues and many other snacks.

Locations: Nanluoguxiang(South Luogu Alley), Dongcheng District.

Wangfujing: Xiaochi street is located in business centre offers not only Xiaochi but also traditional China-stylized architecture views and handicrafts.

Location: Wangfujing St, Dongcheng District.