2010 Harbin Winter Tour; 2011 Harbin Ice & Snow Festival

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Harbin is China’s northernmost major city, with a population in excess of 10 million, and over 4 million in the city center.

Harbin today is still very much influenced by its Russian past. A city once under Russian rule, it is now a center of trade with that country.

Playing with ice and snow is the top amusement in this area, including ice sledge, ice sailing, skating, playing top on ice, and winter swimming.

Harbin Tours

Harbin Tours

3 Days Travel around Harbin

Day 1

Arrival in Harbin City in the morning

Harbin Central Street
(The longest walkway in China, with a century-old history. A mixture of European and Chinese culture.)

Monument to Fight A Flood in 1957
(The symbol of Harbin as a heroic city)

The St. Sophia Church
(Also called Harbin Gallery of Building Art, the biggest Orthodox Church building in the Far East)

Stalin Park
(Built in 1953 and called Jiangpan Park originally, the Stalin Park is located on the southern bank of the Songhua River.)

The Dragon Tower
(The No. 1 steel tower in Asia)

Day 2

The Sun Island
(Summer resort with a reputation all over the world)

Siberian Tiger Park
(The biggest manchurian tiger safari park and also the biggest manchurian tiger artificial breeding base in the world)

Harbin Polarland
(The first theme park of polar land scenes in China.)

Day 3

Harbin National Forest Park
(The forest perch more than 130 kinds of wild animals, and the forest coverage rate is up to 92 percent.)

Guogeli Street
(Experiencing Russian folk commerce)

Leaving for home in the afternoon