The Real-Name System for Purchasing Tickets for HSR

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The Ministry of Railways will implement the real-name system for purchasing tickets for HSR trains starting from June 1, 2011. And from today, you need to use your identity card to buy the tickets of HSR which run after June, 1st.

In order to help you get used to the new system as soon as possible, here is some basic information you need to know about the real-name system.

What is the real-name system?

name based ticket

the real-name based ticket with passenger

It means that passengers have to show off their identity ID while buying a ticket for High-Speed Railway trains (including D-trains, G-trains and C-trains). The personal information will be on the name-based ticket. And it aims to make buying a ticket more convenient and fair, by foiling scalpers.

How to buy a ticket under this system?

ticket vending machine

the ticket vending machine in railway stations

  • At ticket counters:
    All you need to do is simply show your passport while purchasing a ticket. It won’t take you more than1 minute to get your ticket!
  • By ticket vending machines:
    Choose your exact train line that you need and swiping your ID card so that your ID number and your name can be printed on your ticket. With the second generation of id cards, you can get your ticket within 15 seconds.
  • By online booking:
    The Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway will first implement the online booking service  at the end of June.

What kinds of identification you can use?

buying the name-based ticket with passport

foreigners can buy the real-name based ticket with their passport

There are over 20 different kinds of identification which have been approved by the Ministry of Railways for the real-name system, including ID cards, student certificates, military service cards, passports and so on.


  1. Don’t forget to bring your ID card or passport,which you used to book the ticket, while check in to get on the train.
  2. Don’t throw your ticket randomly after the trip, because your personal information is on the name-based ticket. Pay attention to avoid a possible leak of personal information.
  3. One identification for only one ticket.