NBA LA Lakers Beijing Preseason Game Training, then hike Mutianyu Great Wall

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According to the report of Los Angeles Times: on last Sunday afternoon of Beijing time ( Oct. 14, 2013 ), all hoopsters in Lakers, who are preparing for the preseason games in China, have a relaxing tour to Mutianyu Great Wall .

In order to avoid the crowd, they didn’t choose to travel the most famous Badaling or Jiayuguan Great Wall. However, when their coach arrived at the park lot in scenic spot just now, they were besieged by basketball fans and local people. Although NBA staff hired a lot of security personnel to segregate basketball players from them, many travelers, even petty dealers, who could contact them closely  and ask for signature and photograph.

A petty dealer yelled to Gassol with Chinglish and hoped Gassol to buy his T-shirt for souvenir, saying “It is over-sized! It is over-sized!”
Then Gassol said:” Too warm, fans here is very positive, and differ from America, but see their enthusiasm and excitement I am very happy, but it’s really crazy.”

Nash said: “if you haven’t been to China, estimate you will be appalled.”
After the hoopsters hiked on the Great Wall around 2 hours, they started to back to hotel. Gassosl said: “walking so long, it is mountain training. But, it is so good to stay with my teammates and travel Mutianyu Great Wall with them.”

On the back way, unfortunate thing happened. Lakers Center Chris Kaman cut his fingers accidentally when they slid down the mountain by the slide. However, this small wound do not affect the preseason game with Warriors.
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