Tips for Hiking The Great Wall in Winter

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Hiking the Great Wall in winter may be a little challenge for the freezing weather. However, if you can bare the cold, you may enjoy better views and make better photos with fewer travelers there. Since the tourist crowds are gone in winter, you can walk along the Great Wall hassle free. And if you dress well for the winter, it is not a bad idea to hiking the Great Wall in a cold winter day.

How to Visit the Great Wall in Winter

How to Visit the Great Wall in Winter

Stay Warm to against the Cold Weather

Beijing’s winter normally starts from mid-November to mid-March. It is dry and chilly with an average temperature of -2 C (28 F). Since the Great Wall were built on mountain ridges, the hiking area is always much colder than the city itself. Don’t forget to check the current weather broadcast and choose your better day for hiking Great Wall in the cold month.

What to Wear for Hiking the Great Wall in Winter

A wind-resistant heavier clothing is necessary in winter as weather conditions in the mountains is really harsh.

And a pair of gloves is also needed to reduce the risk of frostbite and chapping to your hands in cold winter. It is also essential to wear a scarf or headband to protect your face and ears from the cold.

A pair of hiking boots or good walking shoes is always necessary for a good hiking and comfort whenever you hike the Great Wall. Avoid leather shoes which can freeze in winter.
And if you visit the Great Wall after a snowfall, you may have to wear additional layers to keep you warm. Prepare a pair of warm shoes or boots with a sturdy grip on the soles.

Organise Your Tour for the Shorter Daytime

In winter, Beijing has shorter days, and always get dark at 5 pm. So the ticket selling for major attractions is closed after 4:30 p.m.

Many attractions are open later and close earlier in winter. So pay attention to the opening hours of the places you will visit and make a good arrangement in case you lose the chance to visit somewhere for the earlier closing time.

Great Wall Opening Hours in winter

Mutianyu Great Wall: 8:30 ~ 16:30
Badaling Great Wall: 7:00 ~ 18:00