Beijing Holidays: The Best Of Asia

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For those seeking a holiday further afield, somewhere new, exciting and thoroughly different, perhaps consider the oriental delight of Beijing, the thriving capital of China, renowned as the most populous country in the world. It’s never too late to book your trip and for those in desperate need of a break with Beijing Holiday.

Life in Beijing is fast so it’s up to the visitor to keep up with the vibrant city and all it has to offer. From towering skyscrapers to the latest in technological advances, Beijing is perfect for those who wish to be part of a city that never relents. Like most sprawling cities, Beijing is split into different districts, each providing their own unique delights and sights as well as extending into rural areas and boroughs further away from the central hub of activity.

Perhaps the most important sight of anyone’s stay in Beijing is the famed Tiananmen Square, the world’s largest public square which, as one might have guessed, can get very crowded. The area is surrounded by significant buildings displaying China’s rich history as well as offering guests wonderful customer services.

Elsewhere, the Forbidden City is a stunning palace which tourists flock to in order to catch a glimpse of one of the most historically significant buildings in Asia. Outside of the impressive architecture, Beijing offers a greener experience through a variety of parks and zoos. The Temple Of Heaven is surrounded by a wonderfully peaceful and leafy area where people are able to unwind and get away from the bustling city centre. Other good parks include Ritan Park and Beihai Park.

The Chinese culture is on full display at the heart of Beijing and guests should drink it in, getting the most of the enlivening experience. Travel the cheap bus routes and visit the museums. Drink Chinese Tea and ensure you visit a variety of restaurants catering to lovers of Chinese cuisine. Beijing can offer visitors an unmatched experience so take the time to come see for yourself.