Early Summer Vacations near Beijing

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Summer is just around the corner!

After May 1, the temperature of Beijing city raises up to 30 centigrade quickly. Thought it is just early May, the heat is really coming!

However, nothing can stop a summer vacation. For you, who want to take a Beijing China tour this summer, there are some suggested places around Beijing where you can cool yourself off in this season. Tthe most popular destinations are Chengde and Beidaihe Beach Resort.

Chengde, Hebei Province

Escape the heat to the imeprial Chengde Summer Palace

Escape the heat to the imeprial Chengde Summer Palace

Average temperature in Summer: 22℃ / 71.6 °F
Best Travel Time: from April to October
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Located about 250 km away from Beijing city, Chengde is the most famous Beijing side trip destination for its beautiful sceneries, historical sites. The average temperature in summer is 22 centigrade, much lower than that of Beijing. Because of the fine weather in summer, the ancient emperors of Qing Dynasty built the Chengde Summer Palace(Chengde Mountain Resort) to escape the heat in Beijing. Nowadays, the largest existing imperial garden, Chengde Summer Palace becomes a public attraction for travelers exploring the history and culture of the Qing Dynasty as well as escaping the hot summer in Beijing.

Beidaihe Beach Resort, Qinghuangdao City, Hebei Province

Enjoy a cool summer day in Beihaihe Beach

Enjoy a cool summer day in Beihaihe Beach

Average temperature in Summer: 24℃ / 75.2 °F
Best Travel Time: from June to October
Suggested itinerary: 5 Days Beijing Summer Escape to Beidaihe Beach

Located 288 km away from Beijing city, Beidaihe Beach Resort is the most famous beach in North China. For the average temperature in the hottest summer period is just about 24℃, it is the best beach to visit in summer time.

The beach is well serviced with many recreation facilities to cater for various needs. Also, there are some other natural spots for tourism in Qinghuangdao city, such as the Tiger Stone Marine Park, Pigeon Nest Park and Lotus Flower Rock Park and so on.