Changgou Rape Flower Festival: the Last Glimpse of Spring!

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The second Rape Flower Festival in Changgou is hold from May 28th to June 15th, 2011, in Changou Town, Fangshan district. The Beijing’s largest rape flower field, about 133.3 hectare (329.5 acre) ,  takes you only 1 hour to catch the spring from the city center.  


Changgou Rape Flower Festival in Beijing


The rape flower in north China always blossoms later than those in the south. Though summer is coming, the rape flower just gets its spring now in Beijing. If you are missing the warm and gentle spring, go to Changgou, the field of rape flower will remind you of what the spring is like!  

What can you do here?


Taking photos!  


Taking Photos in the Sea of Rape Flowers

   Never forget your camera here. The yellow rape flower sea is a great background for your photography lovers.  

Flying a kite!  


Flying a Kite in the Rape Flower Field

 You are in spring here! So never forget the kite.  

Strolling along the stream!  


Stream Around the Rape Flower Field

  Not far from the flower field, there is also a stream. Strolling along the stream, you can enjoying the peaceful green day.  

How to get there?


By bus: take bus No.917 at Tianqiao station, and get off at North Changgou station. While walking for few minutes, you can see the rape flower field to the west of the main road.
Ticket: 15RMB
Time: about 1 hour  


  1. Tickets for entrance:  20RMB/person.
  2.  There may be some bees in the field, pay attention to avoid bee sting.
  3.  Be sure to use some sunscreen lotion in case of sunburn.