Recommended Things to Do for Visiting Beijing in Autumn

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Autumn is one of an idea season to visit Beijing for its fine weather and colorful scenery. Beijing autumn usually lasts two months from mid September to November. The temperature in these months changes from around 22 degrees to 12 degrees from day to night. During the day time it is still warm, but in the morning and evening it will be cool. So remember to take a light coat with you while visit Beijing in autumn.

To help you plan your Beijing tour, here are some recommended things to do in the golden autumn Beijing.

1. Experience Mid-Autumn Festival with the Locals

Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival, the 15th day of 8th lunar month, usually falls on September. And this year, it falls on September 27. On this traditional Chinese festival, Chinese people will eat the moon cakes, and gather with family or friends to enjoy the full moon. For tourists, visiting Hutong is one of the best way to experience the festival with a local family. Also, there are lantern shows held in some parks, you can go to join the locals to enjoy the wonderful shows.

Lantern Show on Mid-August Festival

Join in the locals to take part in a Lantern Show at the night on Mid-August Festival.

2. Appreciate Autumn Red Leaves

Beijing Fragrant Hill is one of the most famous places to see the red leaves. And there is the Red Leaves Festival held every Mid-October to Mid-November. To see the red and golden leaves all over the mountain under the clear blue sky is an amazing experience.


Red Maple Leaves in Fragrant Hill Park

Appreciate the splendid view of Fragrant Hill with red leaves all over the mountains.

3. Take a Great Wall Hiking Tour

Autumn is an idea season to hike the Great Wall for its fine weather. To enjoy a comfortable autumn, breathing the clean airs, looking out the blue sky and hiking the Great wall will be a pleasant outdoor activities for all travelers.

Great Wall Hiking in Autumn

It is pleasant to hike the Great Wall on a clear Autumn day.

4. Learn more about the Moon at Beijing Planetarium

Since the Mid-August Festival is a festival about the moon, it is an interesting option for family visiting Beijing with kids to pay a visit to Beijing Planetarium. Beijing Planetarium is a national natural science museum, which offers many science exhibition and interactive experience, through which children can learn more about astronomy.

Beijing Planetarium is a good place for family with kids

If you visit Beijing with kids, you can take a visit to Beijing Planetarium.