Celebrate Chinese New Year 2016 – the Year of Monkey!

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Chinese New Year falls on February 8, 2016. According to Chinese zodiac, it is the Year of the Monkey. If you plan to visit China during the spring festival holiday, it will be a special cultural experience to celebrate the traditional Chinese New Year with the locals.

Celebrate Chinese New Year 2016 - the Year of Monkey with the locals!

Celebrate Chinese New Year 2016 – the Year of Monkey with the locals!

Things to Do in Chinese New Year

1. Enjoy a Spring Festival Shopping

Before the New Year’s Eve coming, Chinese people usually do spring festival shopping to purchase some special items for the big event, such as couplets, lucky character poster and some festival food. You can go to a local market to experience the festival shopping with the locals and buy some small gift for your family.

2. Experience the Chinese New Year with a Local Family

Similar with Christmas Day to the westerners, Chinese New Year (the Spring Festival) is the time for the whole families to reunion together. If you visit a local family in Hutong, you may have a chance to learn how to make dumpling, which is always a lucky food to eat in Chinese New Year’s Eve. Chinese families usually have a New Year banquet with fireworks celebration after the dinner.

3. Join in Chinese New Year Celebrations

In the first few days of Chinese New Year, Chinese people will go out to greet and send best wishes to each other, and attend kinds of New Year celebrations to celebrate the beginning of a new year. Most of the celebrations will be held at temples or some main traditional sites of the cities. You can just go out and join in the parties.

Tips for Travel Chine during Chinese New Year Holiday

1. Avoid Chinese New Year Rush

Many Chinese people will go back to their hometown before the New Year’s Eve, so you may pay attention to the Chinese New Year Rush, especially if you choose to go somewhere by train, for the railway stations are always overcrowded during that time.

2. Early Closures during the Holiday

Some small shops, local restaurants will be closed for about 7 days during the Chinese New Year holiday, and some may close earlier than normal days.