Forbidden City unveils its mascots: “Zhuangzhuang” and “Meimei”

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The Mascots "Zhuangzhuang" and "Meimei" of the Forbidden City Beijing

The Palace Museum Beijing unveils its mascots named “Zhuangzhuan” and “Meimei” at the first time to meet the public in Xiamen. It is expected that the mascots will become “cultural products with star effect”, and be well received by the public and spread Chinese culture to the world.

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Wu Zhen, epitome of China’s water towns

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The Waterways of Wu Zhen

Wu Zhen water town becomes one of popular tourist sites gradually following “”World Internet Conference” being held”. It is famous the waters, old architectures and cultural landscapes.

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Mount Huangshan, a snow-covered fairyland in winter

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Huangshan Welcoming Pine Snowscapes

Mount Huangshan looks pretty all year round, but it is especially beautiful in winter, when the ancient pines, rocks, streams and pools are all covered with ice or snow, the whole mountain range becomes a silver fairyland.

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China and USA to extend validity of Tourist, Business and Student Visas

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China Visa

China and the United States have reached the agreement: grant each other’s citizens a business or tourist visa with multiple entries and the maximum validity of 10 years; student visa will also be extended to 5 years of validity at most with multiple entries.

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Must-go Harbin Attractions in this winter

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Harbin Ice Carving Festival

In this winter, our clients hope to see the Ice and Snow World and Ice Carving Festival, ski at Yabuli Ski Resort and Jihua Ski Resort, and watch the Northeast Tiger in the park, etc. We can arrange all for you.

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Lanzhou-Xinjiang High-speed Railway brings “High-speed Silk Road” Times

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High-speed Railway links Lanzhou and Urumqi

Lanzhou-Xinjiang High-speed Railway brings a new time of Silk Road Tour. It just takes 9 hours from Lanzhou to Urumqi by bullet train. Short journey time to explore this ancient Silk Road and visit Langzhou, Xining, Xiahe, Duhuang, Turpan, Liuyuan, Urumqi, Kashgar.

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Top 10 Ski Resorts to tour in Winter at Beijing

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Beijing Huaibei International Ski Resort

Plan to have a Winter Tour in Beijing? Wonder where is the best place to ski? We listed a collection of top 10 ski resorts in Beijing. Hope you have a good winter ski in Beijing.

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Top 9 Destinations for your Night Viewing in Beijing

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Bird's Nest Beijing

Do you want to know where is the best place for night visiting in Beijing? Here, we recommended 9 destinations for your night viewing.

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