Beijing’s Traffic Madness Set to Worsen

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Back to Aug 21, 2010, I posted that Beijing had scored the world’s highest rating, with traffic five times worse than Los Angeles.

Now comes this news, reported yesterday in the People’s Daily: “Average driving speeds in the Chinese capital will likely drop below 15 km per hour in five years if the number of vehicles continues increasing while no further measures are taken.”

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The History of Peking Opera

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In the past, stages in most Chinese theaters were square platforms exposed to the audience on three sides, even all sides sometimes. In the latter case, performances could be watched from the back also. An embroidered curtain known as a shoujiu was hung over the platform, which was thus divided into two parts: the back stage and the stage. In front of the curtain, stood a table on which were laid various musical instruments to be used for the performance and musicians were seated nearby. That table, together with musicians, occupied a part of the facade of the stage and could be seen by the audience. That is why the Peking Opera orchestra has traditionally been known as Changmian which means stage set-up.

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My Hutong Tour Impression in Beijing

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Whether you’ve just arrived in Beijing or have been around for years, strolling down one of the city’s many hutong areas never loses its charm. The quiet narrow lanes nestled inconspicuously between busy outer avenues offer peace and comfort for the meditative recluse. Adventurous-types will select a hutong at random, wandering through its labyrinth paths like a maze. A sense of history and intrigue lines the alleyways, inviting pedestrians to step back through time.

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Head Underground if You Want to See the Real Beijing

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Getting around in a city of 20 million people can be daunting, if not seemingly impossible. It can be even harder if you don’t have a car and you’re a foreigner, such as myself.

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Have a Beijing Tour in Your Own Way

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In Beijing, there are many must-see places, cultural and historical landmarks. Then there are also special activities and local attractions that you’ve read about and put on your list to do. However, no tour itinerary can cover exactly what you want to see in Beijing, until now

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Enjoy Beijing’s Park Life in the morning

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Traveling to Beijing for the first time? Do not get caught in, out, or up by cultural shocks. Know how things should-and should-not-be-done to ensure your trip is a memorable one for all the right reasons.

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Beijing Traffic Impression in the Rush Hours

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Beijing offers some of the most famous historical sites – The Great Wall, The Ming Tombs, The Forbidden City, The Summer Palace and Tian Anmen Square – of which we have been to see all.

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Why Hutong Hostels in Beijing are so popular?

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There are more than 700 registered hotels in Beijing, according to the Beijing Tourism Administration, but among which only a handful offer guests an experience of old Beijing, especially a hutong life experience.

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Chinese Moon Festival 2010: send you our best wishes


The joyous Mid-Autumn Festival, the third and last festival for the living, was celebrated on the fifteenth day of the eighth moon, around the time of the autumn equinox. Many referred to it simply as the ‘Fifteenth of the Eighth Moon’. In the Western calendar, the day of the festival usually occurred sometime between the second week of September and the second week of October, on 22 Sep, 2010.

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Beijing Water Cube Water Park Is Now Open!

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After all the suspense about its future, last month we noted the Beijing Water Cube’s Indoor Water Park was slated to open on the second anniversary of the Beijing Olympics. The park opened to the public last Sunday (August 8) as planned, as the snappily titled “Happy Magic Water Cube, Beijing Water Cube Water Park,” as translated by a CNN reporter.

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Beijing Tour Feedback for your Referrence When Planning a Trip

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An article, the tour feedback, from Norma Robertson from American. In this article, Norma will share with you his experience in booking the tour from and how he and his group were treated during the whole trip.

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How to take the Subway in Beijing and China

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Congratulations! You’ve decided to avoid traffic, go green and take the subway. You might be a little daunted but don’t be, take your time and follow these easy directions and hopefully you’ll get wherever you need to go with ease and aplomb.

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