All about Chinese Birthday: how Chinese celebrate their birthday.

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Although birthday traditions are quite similar in some countries today, not everyone celebrates in the same way.

There are numerous traditions surrounding birthdays, some of which are described below. You may recognize some of the customs, while others will be very unfamiliar.
The following is all about Chinese birthday and how Chinese people celerate their birthdays.

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Houhai Bar Area: the first choice to taste the Beijing’s nightlife

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If you measure a city’s nightlife by the number of chances for debauchery it offers, then Beijing has never held (and probably will never hold) a candle to such neon-lit Babylons as Shanghai and Hong Kong. If, instead, you measure nightlife by its diversity, the Chinese capital rivals any major city in Asia.

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Beijing Chang’an Avenue in Every October


Every October is special for every Chinese people, because the 10.1 is the National Day of the People’s Republic of China. The PRC’s National Day was declared at three o’clock on October 1, 1949, in front of 300,000 people during a ceremony in Tian’anmen Squeare. Chairman Mao declared the founding of the People’s Republic and waved the first five-star PRC flag.

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The narrowest lane of the world: Qianshi Hutong Beijing

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People say that the real culture of Beijing is ‘the culture of hutong’ and ‘the culture of courtyard’. How true that is! Qianshi Hutong is the narrowest hutong preserved in Beijing, with the narrowest point at 40 centimeters (16 inches), so when two people meet, they must turn sideways to pass each other.

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A most traditional Chinese wedding ceremony in Beijing Grand View Garden

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The other days, I came across a most traditional Chinese wedding ceremony in Grand View Garden. I thought that it should just be a show for the foreign tourists, but after asking someboday familiar, I got that it was held for real and it was a wedding ceremony held by the Honglouyan Hotel in Grand View Garden. Here are some pictures I have randomly shotted!

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Beijing Travel Advisors: recommended Beijing’s best for your Beijing travel

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Our job allows us to take many foreign friends on tours throughout Beijing and China. During their tours they ask many similar questions, so I will dedicate this thread to suggesting the Beijing’s best, including, food, accommodation, transport, must-see attractions, shopping, and entertainment in Beijing.

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Yangfang Hutong Beijing: Restaurant of Li Family

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Do you know there is a rule of restaurant in China?
The most authentic and pretty good restaurant in China is located in the quite remote place that far away from the busy area.

In this thread, I will show you the restaurant of Li Family in Yangfang Hutong, Houhai area, Xicheng District, Beijing.

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Beijing Dashanlan Street: the oldest and most traditional shopping business street in China

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If you want to experience a touch of Beijing’s markets and shopping miles 200 years ago, this is the perfect place to go. Here, let me take you to have a virtual shopping tour in the area by enjoying these photos.

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Huabin Glof Club: the most beautiful and famous golf course in Beijing


Huabin Estate, located in Changping District in Beijing’s northern suburbs, covers an area of more than 400 hectares. It is one of the most beautiful holiday resorts in Beijing, and click to see the amazing landscapes there.

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Why McDonald’s is not popular in Wangfujing Beijing

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As we know, McDonald’s is one of the world’s largest chain of hamburger fast food restaurants, serving nearly 47 million customers daily. Nowadays, almost all McDonald’s in every corner of China are crowded and lined up for meals, however, you would obviously see the languished business in the McDonald’s in Wangfujing Street. Would like to know why? Just scroll down and enjoy these photos and pictures of Wangfujing snacks and Beijing local foods.

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Beijing Accommodation: Beijing Hutong Hostel

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You may have been researching for days and browsing many pages of notes, but still can’t come to a decision about which place to stay in Beijing. Here, you are on the right page, if you want to be in a hutong in an interesting area, especially one with lots of restaurants.

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What you need to bring with you to Beijing China

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Beijing is a shopper’s paradise. But it’s a shame to spend time trying to pick up things you forgot on your packing list rather than in the markets cruising for treasure. Here’s a list of items that you may want to bring with you because you won’t be able to find them, or the brands will be limited, in Beijing.

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