Top 10 Luxuriest Shopping Malls in Beijing

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As the capital city of the Five Dynasties of China, Beijing is known as a metropolis with developed businesses and a prosperous economy since ancient times. Large-scaled shopping malls with luxury goods of super brands are everywhere to be found in the city center, such as Beijing Friendship Store, Shin Kong Palace, Lufthansa Center and Parkson. Here I list the top 10 luxuriest shopping malls in Beijing.

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which one to choose: chopsticks or western utensils?

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Are you the one who can’t use chopsticks? Are you wondering if all the restaurants in Beijing and China just give you chopsticks or will they give you western utensils if you ask? Have you found the way to solve the problem? I will help you put your worries aside in this thread.

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Beijing Tours: July in Beijing

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Beijing welcomes the warmest month, and it will make you uncomfortable and people easily are in a fret. Although the weather is not perfect for travelling, you can book the off-season promotion, including, hotels, tickets, tourist routes, traffic, even the restaurant. So, you can challenge yourself to have a budget tour. Besides, you can catch many exciting summer activities in the city.

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The China 30 Years Ago

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it was not easy to catch a bus like this in that period

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Bargaining Rules: save your money

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There’s a saying around here: “Everything in China is negotiable.” Shopping, buying and selling, they’re all games. The seller plays and the buyer plays. Most of the time it’s amiable but sometimes tempers flare and I’ve seen live fish being whipped at shoppers who deride the merchandise and punches being thrown in the marketplace. Have no fear, in the tourist-trade, everyone’s out to make a deal and you just have to learn the rules.

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Why take a Beijing-Xian Tour

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Why has recently repacked the Beijing – Xian tour packages? There are top 10 reasons listed to visit the Xian City.

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Top Tailors in Beijing: real made-in-china brand

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You have to admit that you can’t live for even one day without buying any products made in China. Made in China is one the most recognizable labels in the world today due to the large manufacturing industry of rapidly developing China. So, now that you are in Beijing, capital city of China, why not custom a real “Made in China” stuff in China. In this thread, I will recommend the top tailor shops in Beijing.

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How do you use your cell phone in China

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China is one of the world’ most fascinating travel spots. While you’e visiting the world-famous Great Wall and exploring the gorgeous Summer Palace, you also want to make sure that you are able to use your cell phone should you experience an emergency or just eager to share your wonderful feeling with your friends. Using a cell phone in China is easy only if you follow my ways.

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All ways to Badaling Great Wall from Beijing downtown

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Deciding to visit the Badaling Great Wall, but there is the problem that always confuses all of you: how do I get there on my own? All sections of the wall can be visited without an organized tour. Here are three ways I direct you to get to the Badaling Great Wall.

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Best Gift Ideas for Dad’s Day


This year marks the 100th anniversary of Father’s Day. Despite the momentous anniversary, many Father’s Day gifts remain just as old as the holiday. When fathers know a polka-dot tie or new set of embroidered socks are what he’s getting before he even opens, it’s time to mix things up. Actually, fathers are just as diverse, talented and, even if they never reveal it, emotional as their mommy counterparts.

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Great Wall Simatai is closed: tour to Simatai to be suspended

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Simatai section of the Great Wall will be under major renovation from June 17, 2010. This is the notice from Miyun Government and Simatai Authority. Tours to Simatai will be closed until further notice.

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Where can Beijing Subway Line 2 take you?

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Where can you get by taking the Beijing subway line 2? Tourists can take the Beijing subways to arrive in their destinations easily and conveniently. In this thread, I will detail the Subway Line 2, with the most comprehensive info and guide.

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