Miss Romania crowned Miss Bikini World

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The final of the 35th Miss Bikini World was held at 22:00 29, May, 2010. Miss Romania was crowned the winner in the 35th Miss Bikini International World Final Saturday in Sanya.

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Surprised by Chinese Blue and White Porcelain Band

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Inspired by the song of Blue and White Porcelain from Chinese famous singer Jay (Jie Lun Zhou), a girl band was formed in Jingdezhen, named ‘Blue and White Porcelain’.

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A Golden Beijing Tourist Route for your Next Beijing Trip (Day 2)

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I forgot to mention the subway condition in Beijing in the first part of a golden Beijing tourist route. If you are travelling Beijing on budget or as pack backers, you can end up using it a lot. You will find it very easy to navigate.

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10th Global Travel and Tourism Summit opened in Beijing by World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC)

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The 10th Global Travel and Tourism Summit opened in Beijing with the theme “World’s Leading Industry – Reaching New Frontiers.” This is the first time that China has hosted the summit, which is the world’s highest-level gathering of travel and tourism industry leaders.

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A Golden Beijing Tourist Route for your Next Beijing Trip (Day 1)

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Whether or not confused by the numerous itineraries provided by the online travel agencies? Wasting too much time to compare and select the preferred one?
You are not alone to feel that way, so did I before planning my first-time Beijing tour. Here, I’m going to walk you through the golden route, so that you will never feel puzzled any more even though with a large choice.

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A Debate Why Preservation Matters in Light of Gulou Redevelopment

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In a nation where millions still live below the poverty line, why should locals be concerned with preserving the physical remains of China’s past? An audience of just under 100 mainly foreign Beijing residents gathered yesterday at Capital M overlooking Tiananmen Square to discuss this question at the roundtable Vanishing Beijing: Why Preservation Matters, organized by the Beijing Cultural Heritage Protection Center (CHP).

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Beijing Nightlife in Westerners Mind

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What’s in your mind about Beijing nightlife? Dull as the people are busy with family dinner and cleaning up after work; tucked themselves into bed under a blanket shortly after nightlife; not for party and hanging out with friends and strangers, or something else? If you think in these ways, you are all wet!

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Miss Bikini International 2010 Picturing on Simatai Great Wall


64 contestants of 35th Miss Bikini International arrived in Beijing May 15, 2010, and yesterday (May 19, 2010), they toured the Beijing Simatai Great Wall for photography and film shooting. Their fashion show lightened the ancient and rugged Simatai Great Wall.

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How much do you know about spa?

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bijingholiday.com posted the custom Beijing spa tours recently, but, there is a big area of concern and confusion for people who are new to spas. Relax! This article will walk you through the basics. Just many people have their first spa experience when they get a gift certificate to a day spa.

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Off-Beat Holiday Destinations in China for 2010 Summer

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Planning a China Beijing tour for this summer? Looking for where to go and cooler tourist destinations in China and Beijing? – Summer Plalace and Mutianyu Great Wall in Beijing; Chengde Summer Resort, Beidaihe, Jiuzhaigou Vallery, and Meili Snow Mountain are your best choice.

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