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Xian will allow 72-hour Transit Visa Exemptions

18/04/2014 Leon
72-Hour Visa-Free Transit

Latest news: Xian will allow 72-hour transit visa exemptions for foreign nationals via Xian Xianyang International Airport when they are en route to a third country or region in the next two or three months.

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Water-splashing Festival celebrated by both Tourists and Residents in Xishuangbanna

17/04/2014 Leon
Xishuangbanna Water-splashing Festival

On the annual Water-splashing Festival, Dai ethnic group splash water to each other to express best regards of luck, happiness and health.

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Yangshuo Town Hosted the 2014 China Yangshuo Sustainable Tourism Development Forum

15/04/2014 Leon
Rafting in Yangshuo Town

On April 11 and 12, 2014 China Yangshuo Sustainable Tourism Development Forum was hosted in Yangshuo Town, to explore tourism strategies and opportunities for the improvement of Guilin Tourism Industry.

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China Sets Up New Rules for Protecting Historical Towns from Fire

11/04/2014 Leon
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Dali Old Town

China has implemented several new rules on fire protection and control in historical towns and buildings, following three severe damages.

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Beijing to Guilin Transportation: flight and train

08/04/2014 Leon
Guilin Li River Bamboo Rafting

Nowadays, it is very convenient to travel Guilin from Beijing directly. You can easily choose around-3-hour flight or 10.5-hour high-speed bullet train.

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Shanghai Nanhui Peach Blossom Festival ( March 23 – late April )

03/04/2014 Leon
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Shanghai Peach Blossom

From March 23 to late April this year, Shanghai Peach Blossom Festival is being held. At this time, 3,300 hectares of peach trees are in glorious bloom in Nanhui District, a suburb of Shanghai.

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Private Tour around Shanghai French Concession

01/04/2014 Leon
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The French Concession used to be the foreign concession of France in Shanghai, and now it is one of the most popular tourist sites in Shanghai.

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Michelle Visited Chengdu and Fed Giant Panda in the Research Base

29/03/2014 Leon
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Michelle and Her Mother are Feeding the Giant Panda

After 5 days Beijing and Xian tour, Michelle Obama and her family spent their last two days in Chengdu, home to Giant Panda.

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Michelle Visited Xian Terracotta Warriors and Jump-roped on the Ancient City Wall

29/03/2014 Leon
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Michelle and Her Family at the Terracotta Warriors

On Mar. 24, 2014, Michelle Obama Spent 5 hours in historical city – Xian, with her family, visiting the Terracotta Warriors and Jump-roping on the Ancient City Wall.

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Michelle Obama Visited Beijing Forbidden City and Great Wall

28/03/2014 Leon
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Michelle and Peng Liyuan in the Forbidden City

US First Lady Michelle Obama took her daughters and mother to the Forbidden City, along with China’s first lady Peng Liyuan on March 27, and they went to hike the Great Wall on Sunday.

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U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama Visited China for 7 Days

26/03/2014 Leon
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Michelle Walking on the Great Wall

Accepting the invitation of China’s first lady Peng Liyuan, wife of Chinese President Xi, U.S. first lady Michelle Obama have visited China for 7 Days.

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All Guides about Mutianyu Great Wall Tour

24/03/2014 Leon
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Mutianyu Great Wall in Spring

For the first-time visitors in China, Mutianyu Great Wall will be the first choice to hike in all sections of Great Wall in Beijing, China.

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