Indian Prime Minister Modi starts his China Tour from Xian

India Prime Miniter Modi are visiting the Terracotta Army

On May 14, Chinese President Xi welcomed Indian Prime Minister Modi in Xian, where Xi’s hometown is. After their meeting, Xi accompanied Modi to visit the Terracotta Warriors and Horses, the Da Ci’en Temple, the Wild Goose Pagoda.

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Top 5 Best-value Yangtze River Cruise Ships 2015

Victoria Jenna Cruise Ship

“How to choose a best-value Yangtze River cruise ship?” will be the other concerned question about which we are often asked by our customers. Therefore, we listed here the Top 5 Best-value Yangtze River Cruise Ships 2015. If you want to find the Luxury or Newest cruises, please click to read Yangtze River Cruise Ships.

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News about Direct Flight Routes linking China’s Cities with Other International Cities (Updated)

China Eastern Airline

We collected the latest news about the flights linking China’s Cities with other International cities. Minsk, Belarus = Beijing, China Air China launched the first direct flight from Beijing to Minsk on May 1. The air route runs 4 times one week: Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday to Budapest, Hungary, via Minsk. San Jose, California

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Eight Main Sections of Great Wall of China in Beijing: Badaling, Mutianyu…

The Great Wall of China in Beijing

The Great Wall, the world’s largest historical site, is referred to Wanli Changcheng in Mandarin. (“10,000-Li Long Wall” or simply “Very Long Wall”) It begins at Shanghaiguan Pass on the Bohai Sea and snakes west to a fort at Jiayuguan Pass in the Gobi Desert. “He who has never been to the Great Wall is not a true man”, a verse from Chairman Mao.

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Xian Ancient City Wall: Facts, Biking, Walking, Performances and More

Xian Ancient City Wall

Xian was the capital of thirteen different Chinese ancient dynasties, famous for Ancient City Wall and Terracotta Warriors. When travelling in Xian, one of popular destinations in China, it aways confuses the international visitors to visit these two sites. This blog will guide you how to visit the Xian Ancient City Wall.

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Beijing Adds the Second Vintage Trolley Sightseeing Route

Beijing Vintage Trolley

The Second “Dangdang” trolley sightseeing route has been put into use to carry tourists through iconic downtown attractions, after Beijing introduced the vintage vehicles last September.

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Top Fun Attractions & Activities in Shanghai for Family with Kids

Shanghai Wild Animal Park

Shanghai is one of the world’s largest metropolitan cities and one of the most popular cities with so much history, indulgence and glamour. In addition to the well-known Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Jinmao Tower and Yuyuan Garden, Shanghai also has lots of interesting and educational sites for family with kids. Then we listed top fun attractions & activities chosen by our net friends.

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From Now, Start to Plan your Tibet Tour with Tibet Travel Permits

Tibet Travel Permit

On the Mar.19th, Tibet Travel Bureau has announced that the Tibet permits application would start from today (Mar.23, 2015) and it is much earlier this year, compared with the last few years.

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News about 2015 Direct Flights linking China’s Cities with Other International Cities

China Southern Airline

We collected the news about 2015 year direct flights connecting China’s cities with other international cities.

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Forbidden City will Open its More Areas to the Public and Remain Open into the evening.

Wu Gate

Forbidden City will Open its More Areas to the Public and Remain Open into the evening.

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Top 8 Places to Enjoy Golden Yellow Rape Flowers in China

Rape Flowers

When spring comes, rape flowers begin to bloom from the south to the north across China. When and where is the best to enjoy rape flowers in China? We recommend 8 place to enjoy the beautiful rape flowers.

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Now is good time to view rape flowers in Luoping county, Yunnan

Two Bouyei Girls in Rape Flowers

Luoping is one of the best places for rape flowers (cole flowers) viewing in China. There are three recommended locations to enjoy the golden yellow rape flowers: Golden Rooster Hills (Jinji Lin, 金鸡岭), Snail farms (螺蛳田) at Niujie (牛街), Hundred Thousand Hills (Shiwandashan, 十万大山).

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